Coaching specifically designed for college students

As an advisor to a 250-member sorority at Syracuse University, I saw first-hand the struggle many successful high school students have transitioning to college. In high school the day is structured and filled with classes and activities. In college a student may have one or two classes a day leaving large portions of the week unscheduled. A grade in a college course may consist of only two exams. Suddenly, each exam or paper is crucial to the final grade in a class. On top of that, most college students have active social lives that must now be balanced with academics. Don't forget clubs, workouts, and laundry; it can be overwhelming even for a confident student. Coaching enables students to perform to their full potential by creating a framework for success through time management and goal setting which holds students accountable while promoting independence.


Who would benefit from coaching?

  • Students wanting to reach their full potential
  • Students with ADHD or executive functioning issues
  • Students on academic probation
  • Students returning from a leave of absence or medical leave

How does it work?

Coaching provides a supportive framework for building confidence and being independent. I focus specifically on coaching college students. My plan creates a three step program for support, accountability, and success.


Step 1

Initial Skype, FaceTime, telephone, or in person consultation to determine accountability goals and map out time management.


Step 2

Daily check-ins via text message.


Step 3

Weekly check-ins via Skype, FaceTime, telephone, or in person to evaluate progress and adjust goals.